Guildly is a decentralised application built on StarkNet that creates a multi member contract where players can share game items (NFTs and tokens) and state between each other.

Guildly allows permissionless deployment of “blank canvas” guild contracts for anyone to utilise with games built on StarkNet. Mechanisms within it allow token owners to benefit from sharing their NFTs securely and use others within the guild even if they do not hold them by using a role-based system with permissive controlled token usage. Soulbound tokens provide the access certificate for guilds and store the information of what tokens you own in which guild.

Guildly is currently in alpha, reach out on the matchbox discord channel for any issues or questions.



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Permissioned calls is one of the main elements within a guild contract. Permissions are set currently on a “one-off” basis, where the master of the guild determines what calls can be made from the guild. Suitable permissions should be set allowing certain gaming functions to be executed, while keeping other functions off limits that would compromise the guilds security (transferring out items or locking items for large periods of time). Permissions can be easily set via the UI, where certain gaming templates may be picked in the future.


Guilds allow multiple assigning multiple roles to members that allow certain rights for management in the guild.

Current roles:

To add a member to the guild an admin first whitelists the account address. When the account joins they are then minted a guild certificate (SB token) that states their role and access level.


The guild acts as a shared player account, where calls from members are relayed and executed from the guild. In order to maximise game adoption Guildly is developing a browser extension, that connects dapps to the guild contracts.

In order to currently test guild executions there is a test game in the alpha called Goblin Hunt. This will allow multiple members to use a Goblin Sword NFT from the guild to kill a goblin.